Adam mccain

Cinematographer / Director


I grew up in San Diego, California but spent long summers and snowy winters with my family in the small town of Waterbury, Vermont. My brother and I would spend our summers exploring, mountain biking, building treehouses and playing sports with our cousins. Our winters were spent having snowball fights and enjoying world-class skiing and snowboarding-- This is where I found a passion for adventure and the great outdoors.


I consider myself to be more of a documentary style filmmaker as I love telling real stories that don't feel overproduced-- I want my work to always maintain a certain level of authenticity. I especially enjoy creating branded films. As an outdoor enthusiast, projects that bring me to wild places tend to be the ones I gravitate towards, whether that's documenting athletes pushing the limits of their sport, telling stories to promote conservation, capturing expeditions, or creating a brand film. Through doing what I love-- being outside and documenting adventure, people, cultures and nature-- I hope to push the boundaries of storytelling while creating awareness to nature conservation and environmental issues.